Click-Loc® Self Locking Systems

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Click-Loc® is a custom-designed and patented self-locking technology that represents the next level of world-class self-locking solutions, adding quality, reliability, and maintainability to any product while driving down life cycle costs. Its reusability surpasses hundreds of reuse cycles with no appreciable wear. Click-Loc®’s 100% positive-locking mechanism resists loosening due to stress, vibration, extreme thermal cycling, and other environmental conditions and is a revolutionary alternative to lockwire, tab washers, cotter pins, deformed threads, locking elements, and thread locking compounds. Click-Loc® has proven to be so reliable that it is specified for Flight Safety Critical applications.

AFT is the authorised representative for Click-Loc in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.
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Click-Loc Self-Locking Systems

At Applied Fasteners and Tooling (AFT) Systems, we offer unique Click-Loc self-locking systems, a custom solution tailored for aerospace and defence industries across Australia, New Zealand, and SouthEast Asia. Our Click-Loc self-locking systems have been created with precision, providing the highest degree of performance and reliability.

Our Click-Loc self-locking systems are characterised by their ability to withstand extreme conditions. No matter the Australian conditions you are working in, these systems perform without fail, providing dependable fastening solutions wherever they are used.

Innovative Click-Loc Self-Locking Systems

Click-Loc self-locking systems are designed to provide secure, vibration-resistant fastening solutions for aerospace, defence, and other high-precision applications. The unique design and technology of these systems provide faultless locking, preventing any untimely or accidental disengagement.

Their effectiveness is further demonstrated in their successful application in various aerospace missions and defence operations. From space shuttles to military vehicles engines, these locking systems are adaptable and reliable in many industry scenarios.

The Technical Superiority of our Click-Loc Self-Locking Systems

The technical superiority of our Click-Loc self-locking systems goes beyond their locking capability. They’ve been designed with advanced materials that provide strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, able to withstand the demanding conditions of aerospace and defence applications.

The innovative mechanism of these systems supports easy installation and removal, reducing the time and effort required in assembly and maintenance procedures when compared to lock wire. This results in a solution that delivers excellent performance and contributes to operational efficiency.

Being a leading distributor, we understand the importance of providing technical support. Our team at AFT Systems is committed to offering comprehensive support services throughout the product lifecycle, assisting customers from the initial design and procurement stages to production, maintenance, and repair. Whatever technical expertise you need, the team at AFT can help.

Click-Loc Self-Locking Systems – A Wide Application of Uses

Beyond their use in aerospace and defence, AFT Click-Loc self-locking systems have diverse applications across other industries. For instance, their strength and high resistance to vibration make them ideal for use in industrial applications, where machinery and equipment often undergo heavy vibrations.

These systems also offer durability, making them an excellent choice for use in mining operations in Australia. In these operations, equipment is subject to harsh environments, and our Click-Loc self-locking systems perform by ensuring the secure locking of critical components.

In the transport industry, the ease of installation and removal of Click-Loc self-locking systems translates into decreased downtime and increased productivity. This has led to their increasing adoption in the assembly and maintenance of various vehicles and transport equipment.

Click-Loc Self-Locking Systems – Why Choose AFT?

  • Personalised Services: We at AFT Systems don’t just distribute, we offer tailored services throughout the product life cycle. We understand your requirements, providing a service allowing you to fully take advantage of Click-Loc self-locking systems.
  • Technical Expertise: With our experience and technical expertise, we are well positioned to provide industry support services. Whether it’s design, procurement, production, maintenance, or repair, we can assist at every stage.
  • Quality Certification: We are AS9120 certified for military programs. This certification attests to the quality of our products and services, inspiring confidence in our customers.
  • Successful Track Record: As a member of the Victorian Defence Alliance (VDA) and the Australian Defence Industry Network (AIDN), we have a successful track record of delivering a service that is recognised by a trusted Australian network.

AFT – A Trusted Supplier for Click-Loc Self-Locking Systems

At AFT Systems, we are a reliable partner known for our responsiveness, collaboration, flexibility, and on-time delivery for all your fastener and tooling needs.

Invest in our Click-Loc self-locking systems today and experience the remarkable difference in your military, aerospace, or marine operations. For more information, call us on 03 9939 8979 so we can assist you in navigating your aerospace and defence fastening requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions for Click-Loc Self-Locking Systems in Australia

What are Click-Loc Self-Locking Systems?

Click-Loc self-locking systems are unique fastening solutions, manufactured by Moeller Aerospace in the US offered by Applied Fasteners and Tooling. They are known for their high performance, reliability, and ability to withstand extreme conditions, designed for applications in aerospace and defence across Australia.

Why are Click-Loc Self-Locking Systems unique?

The Click-Loc self-locking systems are distinguished by their design and proprietary technology, providing a strong, vibration-resistant fastening solution. This system has been in service for over 1 billion component flight hours with no failures. so you can feel secure with these reliable locking systems.

What are the benefits of the Click-Loc Self-Locking Systems?

Beyond their superior locking capability, Click-Loc self-locking systems are built with advanced materials that make them corrosion resistant, able to withstand the elements. AFT offers easy installation and removal so your operations can be less time consuming and more productive.

In which other industries can Click-Loc Self-Locking Systems be applied?

Aside from aerospace and defence, our Click-Loc self-locking systems have found diverse applications across various industries. Their high resistance to vibrations makes them ideal for all industrial applications. The durability of these systems are excellent in harsh mining environments, also playing a critical role in the transport industry, reducing assembly and maintenance time.

Why should we choose AFT Systems for Click-Loc Self-Locking Systems?

AFT Systems offer technical expertise, AS9120 certification, and qualify products that last. Likewise, AFT offers lifetime support services for all technical products. As a member of the Victorian Defence Alliance and the Australian Defence Industry Network, AFT Systems always offer excellent service, whether you work in the marine, industrial, mining, or aerospace industries. Equal support is always available.

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