We offer a personalised interaction and value added service in technical support through the product life cycleworking with design, procurement, production, quality,
maintenance and repair.
Application Engineering Support

Our understanding of customers engineering requirements and the ability to offer valuable solutions to complex manufacturing and maintenance problems delivers tangible benefits for the whole life cycle of the applications we support.

Product Development and Training

Having access to the world’s most innovative Fastener and Assembly tooling manufacturers, AFT has a wide range of industry specialists at its disposal to support the development of new products for any given market. In addition to the introduction of new technologies, AFT support the training of new products and techniques to deliver maximum value to our customers.

Product Testing

AFT can support the stringent Aerospace and Defence testing regimes for new product acceptance and approval by industry and customers by collaborating with manufacturers, industry bodies and customers.

Program Management and VMI

AFT is experienced in providing program management elements including design, procurement and delivery of all fastener and assembly/repair products for global aerospace and defence programs. AFT offers through life support as part of our complete cycle management approach.

Repair & Maintenance Support

AFT after sales support extends to repair and maintenance of assembly tooling for specialised equipment in Aerospace, defence and Industrial applications. We stock critical spare parts for customers where down time is a major cost to the business such as Airlines, Oil & Gas and Mining.

Custom Product / Custom Solutions

Our customers depend on us as a reliable partner known for exceptional quality and delivery for all of their fastener and tooling needs.