Cable Management Tooling

More than 40 years ago a new generation of cable handling systems was created by LÜBBERING.
  • The first Roll..Profi was designed and began its triumphal march in the electrical trade.
Although it was often copied, the cable uncoiler made by LÜBBERING became renowned as “the original”. For more information see Roll Profi Catalogue 

Roll Profi’s FLEXIPASS helps prevent damage of cables especially for harsh cable tray installations on sensitive data and power cables. It is the universal cable routing system for all kinds of cable trays.


Roll Profi ORIGINAL offers maximum protection against dirt and corrosion because of the use of closed reel bearings that meet up to the highest standards of our customers!


The Roll Profi Clou folding design shrinks to a very small size when not in use by disappearing into the Profi carrying bag (included with the product). It needs minimum storage space and is always ready for use.

Custom Product / Custom Solutions

Our customers depend on us as a reliable partner known for exceptional quality and delivery for all of their fastener and tooling needs.

Aircraft Cable Management Systems

At Applied Fasteners and Tooling, we provide a wide range of solutions for aircraft and industrial Roll Profi cable management systems. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to offering superior cable drum dispensers and aircraft cable routing systems that meet the highest standards of quality. Our products are designed to provide maximum convenience and efficiency for our customers, ensuring safe and secure installation even in the most extreme conditions.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, our team proudly serves clients across Australia. Get in touch with us for the supply and support of aircraft cable management systems and more.

Industrial Roll Profi Cable Management Systems

The smooth installation of cables is critical for any operation. The cable drum dispensers supplied by AFT are designed to hold and dispense varying sizes of cables for a variety of applications. These devices make the movement, positioning and pulling of cables easier than ever before.

Original and the best, the Roll Profi cable drum dispensers are designed to efficiently manage large volumes of cables. Used in major electrical engineering and installation companies worldwide, these state-of-the-art dispensers exemplify unparalleled durability, precision, and convenience.

Aircraft Cable Routing Systems

Effective routing of aircraft cables is critical for safe and efficient operations. At AFT, we offer professional aircraft cable routing systems designed to align with the demands of the  various industries. After all, these cable systems are key to safety and security of power systems.

AFT provide a comprehensive after-sales service to make sure you get the most out of your cable management system. Give us a call to experience the world-class service that sets AFT apart in the industry.

Cable Drum Dispensers

Don’t let the weight and bulk of your cable drums hinder your installation efforts. At AFT, we offer an impressive range of Roll Profi Cable Drum Dispensers designed for the efficient and safe management of cables. Their ease-of-use allows for a quick setup and easy operation to streamline your cable installation.

Whether you’re outfitting a small job or installing a large data centre, our Cable Drum Dispensers equip you to handle tasks of any shape or size. Regardless of the scale and scope of your projects, the AFT team are committed to cost-effective solutions, high product quality and timely delivery Australia-wide.

Roll Profi Clou in Melbourne

In addition to cable drum dispensers and routing systems, we also offer Roll Profi Clou. It is one of the leading cable storage systems known for its optimal storage solution for different cable types.

As a globally recognised product, the Roll Profi Clou system is used to organise, store and dispense cables in a convenient and easy-to-access manner for electrical engineers. We provide this advanced system to our clients in Melbourne and across Australia.

Cable Storage System

Cable management is an important part of any business, as it helps organise and contain the many cables and wires used in a range of technologies. Having an effective cable storage system is key for quick identification and easy access to cables when needed.

The cable storage systems at AFT are designed for maximum efficiency and hassle-free operation.

Recognised for its quality, AFT’s cable storage system is a popular choice among our clientele in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. With a broad range of cable storage systems, we offer technical solutions for all industries.

Why Choose AFT Systems for Industrial and Aircraft Cable Management Systems?

AFT’s dedication to personalised service delivery provides precision and professionalism for all customer requirements.

  • We go beyond supplying products; our technical experts support you throughout the product lifecycle, from design and procurement to maintenance and repair.
  • AFT holds an AS9120 certification for military programs. Whichever technical product you use, you can guarantee quality that is certified for your industry.
  • We are a proud committee member of the Victoria Defence Alliance (VDA) and an esteemed member of the Australian Defence Industry Network (AIDN).
  • AFT brings to you globally renowned brands such as Roll Profi Clou and Cable storage System in Melbourne.

How to Choose the Right Cable Management System?

Selecting the right cable management system is essential for safe and efficient installation. You must consider factors such as your specific requirements, safety standards, and the available space your work area has.

Our team in Melbourne provides consultation services to guide you in choosing the best cable management system. We can advise you on which products like the Cable Drum Dispenser, Cable Routing System, or the Roll Pro Clou will provide the effective solution you need.

In Australia, AFT is your trusted partner for all your aircraft cable management solutions. contact us today on 03 9939 8979 so we can provide you with exceptional assistance tailored to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions for Industrial Cable Management Systems in Melbourne

What is the role of a cable drum dispenser in Industrial cable management systems?

As one of the key elements of our cable management systems at Applied Fasteners and Tooling in Melbourne our cable drum dispenser is designed to hold and dispense varying sizes of aircraft cables. Its application is crucial in managing high volumes of cables, particularly in large industrial power and data installations and service centres.

How do cable routing systems contribute to safe and efficient operations?

Industrial cable routing systems are integral to safety and efficiency. They are specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of the aviation industry, supporting complex cabling and electrical requirements throughout the aircraft.

What is Roll Profi Clou and how is it used in Melbourne?

Roll Profi Clou is a leading cable storage system in Melbourne. Known for its optimal storage solution for different cable types, it is used to organise, store and dispense cables in a convenient manner, playing a significant role for aircraft cable management systems.

Why should I choose AFT for cable storage systems in Melbourne?

AFT provides cable storage systems recognised for their quality and efficiency. We offer a broad range of systems tailored to your specific needs, and our dedicated team of technical experts in Melbourne have the right support for your industry.

How can AFT assist me in choosing the right aircraft cable management system in Melbourne?

At AFT, we believe that selecting the right cable management system requires considering factors like your specific requirements, safety standards, and available space. Our team in Melbourne provides consultation services to guide you in choosing the best cable management system, be it a Cable Drum Dispenser, Industrial and Aircraft Cable Routing System, or Roll Profi Clou.