Quality Policy

Applied Fasteners and Tooling is committed to maintaining the highest standard of service as a distributor of fasteners and tooling with or without source lot traceability. It is ultimately the responsibility of the management team to ensure adherence to the requirements of our AS9120 quality system and that the Quality Policy is clearly implemented, maintained and communicated at all levels in the organisation and to all interested parties as applicable.

It is essential that we understand the needs of our customers and provide a responsive service. We therefore make every effort to maintain a high standard of customer care and diligence in all our operational activities and customer facing processes. It is essential that we not only achieve but also exceed customer expectations through effective implementation and adherence to the requirements of our quality management system.

Commitment to the above principles and values are cascaded down from the management team to all levels of the organisation, ensuring focus on the needs and requirements of all our stakeholders, employees, customers and suppliers. This is achieved through investment in all aspects of the business and by ensuring the ongoing availability of resources to support these activities and by operating in an ethical manner that safeguards the interests of all stakeholders and interested parties.

Clear objectives and targets are set within the company. Performance against our objectives is periodically measured and actions are implemented to ensure timely accomplishment. The following objectives are reviewed at our Management Review meetings for adequacy and relevance to the needs of the business:

  • On time delivery and quality
  • Customer Satisfaction, complaints and the effectiveness of NCR corrections
  • Supplier performance and quality
  • Sales and Marketing

New targets are set providing value is added to our business processes and our key stakeholders.

This policy is reviewed at each Management Review and when necessary, updated and amended to ensure it reflects the core values of the organisation as we continue to improve and develop.

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