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Aerospace Consumables

Applied Fasteners and Tooling (AFT) offers a comprehensive catalogue for the commercial aerospace and defence industries. Our range of aerospace consumables , tooling solutions, and fasteners include everything from abrasives to drills, cutters and countersinks.

As well as supplying and distributing products, AFT offers end-to-end technical support for each product From design to procurement, production to training, maintenance to repairs, we handle it all. When you choose AFT, you are guaranteed personalised and high-value servicesthat are tailored just for you.

A Range of Commercial and Military Aircraft Repair Tools & Spacecraft Fasteners

The aircraft repair tools and tooling solutions available from Applied Fasteners and Tooling include:

  • Alcoa Hi Lok Tooling
  • Angle Drills
  • Cherry Tooling
  • Drill Bits
  • Drill Stops
  • Pneumatic Drills
  • Eddie Bolt Tools
  • Hand Tools
  • Helicoil Tooling
  • K Fast Tooling
  • NutPlate Drill Jigs
  • Rivet Shavers and Rivet Snaps
  • Rivnut Tooling
  • Screw Drivers and Bits

From Aerospace Consumables to Approved Fasteners, AFT Does It All

Applied Fasteners and Tooling offers a comprehensive range of fasteners, including:

  • Approved Fasteners (1&2)
  • AN Fasteners
  • Avibank Ball Lok Pins, Lanyards, and Latches
  • Cherry Fasteners
  • Click Bond Fasteners
  • Cold Work Tooling
  • Hi Lok Fasteners
  • Laminated Shims
  • GripLockTies

You can trust in the tools, consumables and fasteners available from AFT. Our team as is AS9120 certified for military programs and is a member of both the Victorian Defence Alliance and the Australian Industry Defence Network.

Explore Our Full Range of Aerospace Consumables, Tools and Spacecraft Fasteners

View our catalogue online now or contact AFT for personalised, tailored, and high-value services.

Spacecraft Fasteners

When it comes to fastening technologies, tools, and consumables, AFT is the premier provider for a wide range of industries. Our team distributes and supports specialised products from leading brands in order to support the aerospace and defence industries, among others.

Our team can assist you with innovative spacecraft fasteners, providing technologies that push the boundaries of what’s possible. These include light weight, high performance hardware developed especially for space.