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MS or Milspec fasteners are available to support military programs for air, land and sea platforms, Departments of Defence, Space, commercial and private aerospace companies.
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Military Fastener Suppliers

Applied Fasteners and Tooling (AFT) is a leading supplier of quality-assured military-grade fasteners and tooling products across Australia. With decades of experience in the industry, AFT provides a complete suite of knowledge, product quality assurance, and supply chain expertise to our valued clients.

AFT offers an extensive range of specialty fasteners critical for the military and defence industries in the land, air, and sea. As Melbourne-based military fastener suppliers, we provide high-performance and trusted security fasteners for defence platforms and military assets, extending our assistance and services throughout Australia. If you have an upcoming military project, we have the knowledge required for successful outcomes delivered on time and within budget.

Military Fastener Supplies for Military and Defence in Melbourne

The military and defence industry is a high-stakes sector where hardware quality requirements are of the utmost importance. To make sure that these stringent specifications are met, AS9120 standards must be upheld. Our line of MS Fasteners, or Military Specification Fasteners, are designed to meet these exacting standards and can only be supplied by approved suppliers.

Leveraging over 20 years of engineering expertise, AFT’s military fasteners are designed for durability and reliability, meeting the needs of high-stress, high-performance military settings. In Melbourne and across Australia, military organisations rely on our delivery of MS fasteners for their unparalleled reputation in quality and performance.

Military Gaskets

As part of our military-grade range of products, AFT delivers resilient military gaskets for a broad range of applications within the defence sector. The fabrication of these gaskets involves the utilisation of specified materials such as metals and silicones, which withstand rigorous conditions and high temperatures often encountered within military settings.

Engineered with precision and adherence to strict military standards, military gaskets supplied by AFT provide excellent sealing and mechanical performance. From vessels patrolling waters off Australia’s coasts to aircraft soaring above Australian skies, AFT’s military gaskets are manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions.

Military Seals

In military applications involving harsh environments and safety critical functions, the use of highly durable and resistant seals becomes essential to safety for military personnel. At AFT, we understand the unique requirements of these applications and provide a range of military-grade seals to meet these demands on site.

Manufactured using the finest quality materials, our military seals are high-performance and long-lasting. Whether it’s for Defence and Aerospace projects in Australia, AFT’s military seals uphold the level of dependability upheld by military organisations.

Why Choose AFT Systems for Military Fastener Suppliers?

At AFT, we are committed to providing critical fasteners and assembly tooling consumables for industries with high technical requirements, including the Military & Defence sectors. Here’s why we stand out for being industry-ready:

  • Customised solutions: We offer personalised services, tailoring our solutions to meet your specific fastener and tooling needs.
  • Life-cycle support: We support you through your product lifecycle, offering assistance in design, procurement, production, maintenance, repair, and training on how to use these fasteners effectively.
  • Certifications: We are AS9120 certified for military programs, ensuring our products always match the highest quality standards.
  • Accredited: As a member of Victoria Defence Alliance (VDA) and Australian Defence Industry Network (AIDN), we have extensive connections to prove our products remain reliable in the military field.
  • Strong and Durable Products: Our products have been tested to survive MILSPEC environments such as temperature, shock/vibration and seawater for the life of the customers application.

Trust in AFT for Quality Assurance

For military and defence applications, no compromise can be made on product quality. This is why AFT meets the Quality Assurance Procurement Requirements. These requirements are applicable to all external providers, so all services and products meet the necessary quality standards for safe industry applications.

Submitting a purchase request with AFT means investing in a team that understands the critical needs of the military industry. If you’re aiming for reliability, our fasteners perform in all conditions.

Need fasteners or tooling for your defence-based project? Call us on 03 9939 8979 to speak to a team who has an understanding of defence applications.

Frequently Asked Questions for Military Fastener Suppliers in Melbourne

Who are the leading military fastener suppliers in Melbourne, Australia?

Applied Fasteners and Tooling AFT Systems are the leading providers of military-grade fasteners and tooling across Australia. Their products guarantee high-performance and security for all defence platforms, no matter what project is the main goal or focus.

What are MS fasteners, and why are they used in the military and defence industry?

MS fasteners—also known as MIL-SPEC or military-specification fasteners—are critical hardware that meet the strictest specifications within the defence industry. Due to their durability and reliability, they are the baseline choice to survive all military-grade environments.

What are military gaskets and where are they used?

Military gaskets, provided by AFT, are highly resilient components utilised in various applications within the defence sector. They are made from robust materials like metals and silicones and can withstand the most rigorous conditions frequently encountered within military settings.

What is the purpose of military seals in defence applications?

In military and defence applications involving harsh environments and critical operations, the use of highly durable and resistant seals becomes pivotal. AFT’s military seals offer robust performance and longevity, standing up to highly demanding military standards.

What sets AFT Systems apart from other military fastener suppliers?

AFT Systems is committed to providing only the best fasteners and assembly tooling consumables for industries with high technical requirements. They offer custom solutions, life-cycle support, AS9120 certified products for military programs, and have a broad network due to their membership in Victoria Defence Alliance (VDA) and Australian Defence Industry Network (AIDN).