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AFT supports a range of specialty drilling tools including pneumatic and electric drill motors, drill bits, reamers, collets and bushes for use on high accuracy applications in aircraft structures and sheet metal. Additionally, AFT supports positive feed drill units with electronic and pneumatic units available.
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Positive Feed Drills

Set your project up for success with durable, precise positive feed drills supplied by Applied Fasteners and Tooling, your go-to fastening and tooling specialists. Proudly servicing all sectors within the aerospace and defence industries across Australia, our well-calibrated positive feed drills offer efficiency and exceptional performance.

With AFT, you can rely on more than just high-quality tools; we are here to provide technical support when you need, assisting with everything from design and procurement to maintenance and repair.

If you want the very best in positive feed drills and drilling equipment, call us on 03 9939 8979 today for expert guidance backed by industry experience.

Dependable Positive Feed Drills for High-End Projects

Recognised for their reliability and accuracy, our positive feed drills attract clients from various industries such as aerospace, defence, industrial, marine, and more. In comparison to manual drills, these are designed to deliver superior performance under extreme conditions – ideal for demanding projects where precision and consistency is critical.

Whatever industry you reside in, utilising positive feed drills from AFT provides many benefits to the user. Designed for precision, they can significantly reduce the risk of drill wander, making them perfect for situations where accuracy is vital. These drills offer a safe way of conducting high-speed drilling, reducing the chance of tool breakage.

For projects big or small, having access to quality positive feed drills is critical. Whether you’re operating in Melbourne or across Australia, our superior drilling equipment will help your project’s success.

Comprehensive Range of Drilling Equipment

At AFT, our catalogue features an extensive range of specialised drilling equipment suitable for a variety of applications. We stock dozens of cutting and drilling tools, countersinking tools, temporary clamps, and more, all designed to meet the demands of your industry.

We also offer a selection of Hi Lok, Composi Lok and Cherry tooling, cold work tooling including FTI, rivet squeezers and snaps, and Spacematic tooling. Our Lubbering positive feed drills and diverse range of cable management tools so you always have safe electrical systems.

Trust AFT to source reliable drilling equipment for a successful project. Each tool is meticulously tested to provide top performance in the field. For more information, give our friendly team a call – 03 9939 8979.

Positive Feed Drills Industry Certified for Excellence

Overseeing a project in Australia? Prioritise quality with the team at AFT. Choosing the right drilling equipment is crucial for the quality and efficiency of your operations. At AFT, we understand that quality assurance matters with military-grade builds. We are AS9120 certified for all military programs, meeting global industry standards to guarantee the quality of our products and services.

Advantages of Using Positive Feed Drills

Positive feed drills offer many advantages over traditional drill types. They deliver a consistent feed rate that can enhance the quality of your drilling applications, where precision is critical.

Positive feed drills also allow higher cutting speeds, reducing production times and increasing operational efficiency. The reduction in cycle times can result in significant cost savings over the life of a project.

Whether executing operations in a Melbourne aerospace facility or taking on a defence project, you can rely on positive feed drills supplied by AFT to add value to your project.

Why Choose AFT Systems for Positive Feed Drills?

Selecting AFT Systems as your partner for positive feed drills comes with an array of benefits. Our Melbourne-based team is equipped with technical expertise acquired over several years in the industry.

  • AFT offers personalised services tailored specifically for you. We understand every aerospace or military-grade project requires individual attention.
  • Our AS9120 certification meets global quality standards, so our products are safe to use in all critical applications that require resilience.
  • We are recognised members of the Victorian Defence Alliance and the Australian Defence Industry Network, affirming our position as a trusted supplier in the industry.
  • Our dedicated team is committed to providing technical support through the product life cycle, assisting with design, procurement, production, maintenance, and repair.

Make AFT your partner of choice for reliable, high-quality positive feed drills, no matter the industry you work in. For a versatile range of drilling tools and customer service, reach us on 03 9939 8979 today.

Frequently Asked Questions for Positive Feed Drills in Australia

What are some key benefits of positive feed drills?

Providing accuracy, positive feed drills can cut down on drill wander, ideal for precision-heavy projects. These drills also make high-speed drilling safer and reduce the possibility of tool breakage. No matter the application, AFT tools will last.

Can I access personalised services for positive feed drills in Melbourne?

Yes, at Applied Fasteners and Tooling, we understand that each project is unique. We offer personalised services for your drilling needs, providing technical support throughout the product’s life cycle.

What range of drilling equipment does AFT provide apart from positive feed drills?

In addition to positive feed drills, AFT stocks a variety of drilling equipment like cutting tools, temporary clamps, countersinking tools, Hi Lok, Composi Lok and Cherry tooling. AFT also provides cold work and Spacematic tooling.

How does AFT ensure the quality of their positive feed drills?

Applied Fasteners and Tooling are certified to AS9120 for all military programs, confirming a commitment to global industry standards. All our tools—including our positive feed drills—are thoroughly tested so they perform at their best.

Can the use of positive feed drills lead to cost savings?

Yes, by allowing higher cutting speeds and reducing production times, positive feed drills can increase operational efficiency. This reduction in cycle times can lead to significant cost savings for many critical projects.