Quality Assurance Procurement Requirements

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1 Purpose
This document defines our requirements for the delivery of goods and is in addition to our PO
requirements to all external providers.

2 Scope
Applicable to all external providers such as suppliers, subcontractors, processors and or vendors
based on the product delivered and our end customer.

3 Invoked documents
The current version of the following documents is invoked as part of this document and to the
extent applicable to the nature of products/service provided:
LMA Appendix QX – Supplier Quality Requirements – Lockheed Martin
LMA Appendix QJ – QCS-001 Process Source Quality Requirements – Lockheed Martin LMA Quality Clause
QCS001 – Controlled Processes & Approved Processors – Lockheed Martin EMAP – Engineering Materials
& Approved Products – Lockheed Martin Approved Manufacturer List for Standard Parts 2GNA00001 –
Lockheed Martin.
BAA SC – 006 – Supplier Quality System Requirements – Boeing Aerostructures Australia D1-4426 –
Approved Process Sources – Boeing
D6-51991 – Digital Product Definition – Boeing
SQAR – Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements – Northrop Grumman (SQAR) CPPCP – Counterfeit Parts
Prevention and Control Plan per AS 5553
FOD – Foreign Object Damage per AS9146
Calibration System Compliant to ISO 17025, or ISO10012-1
AS 9100 – QMS Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations AS 9102 – First Article
Inspection Requirements
AS 9103 – Variation Management of Key Characteristics
AS 9120 – QMS Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Distributors
15 CFR Part 700 – Defense Priorities and Allocation System Regulation – US Code of Federal

4 QMS Requirements
a. All external providers manufacturing/fabricating components to our PO requirements shall
⮚ They are certified by an IAQG approved certifying body to AS 9100
⮚ First Article Inspection is performed as per AS 9102 + AFT additional requirements.
⮚ Variation Management of Key Characteristics is as per AS 9103
b. All external service providers acting as distributors to our requirements shall be Certified to
AS 9120
c. External providers acting as non-value-added distributor with AS9100 certification must have a
Scope of Approval that includes Distribution if AS9120 certification is not held
d. External providers involved in Special Processing shall have a NADCAP approval and when
required must have the customer approval and listed i.e. QCS001, D1-4426 etc.
Note CPP/CP – Counterfeit Parts Prevention and Control Plan per AS 5553 & FOD – Foreign Object
Damage per NAS-412 is applicable to all external providers.

5 Eligible External Providers
To be eligible to provided products and services to AFT, you must be approved by AFT QA and listed
in our approved suppliers list. AFT will monitor your performance and you will be notified when
your performance is not up to our expectations. External providers will be put on probation and or
de-listed when their performance levels do not meet the requirements of AFT.

6 Contract Review
Conduct a contract review per AS9100 and shall maintain on file evidence of such reviews. the
external providers Contract Review shall include, at a minimum, an assessment for the organisations
ability to comply with all drawings, specifications, and contractual requirements that ensure the
conformity and compliance of the product under contract / agreement to AFT.

7 Inspection Options
The external provider shall perform 100% inspection for in-process and final inspection. Sampling
inspection is not allowed
without written permission from AFT.

8 Control of Non-Conforming Product
External providers shall promptly notify AFT when a non-conformance is suspected or determined to exist on products including products already delivered.
Upon notification to AFT regarding non-conforming product and/or services, AFT reserves the right to access any information, processes, product necessary to establish root cause and provide further instruction as to the acceptance of any product or services.
9 Work transfer & Changes
External providers shall not subcontract their work without written authorisation from AFT QA. Changes to manufacturing facility location, management representative, QMS status and ownership shall be notified to AFT QA contact in writing of any planned changes.
10 Subcontractor Control
The external provider is responsible for the control of their service providers and shall ensure the products conform to AFT requirements. External providers shall flow down all the necessary information and technical data to ensure conformity and compliance of all products and processes
11 Access to Supplier Facilities (Right of Entry)
The external providers including their service providers when required, shall provide all reasonable access, assistance to authorised AFT personnel including our Customers, and Regulatory Authority Representatives for the performance of quality assurance activities such as quality system assessment, audits, and inspections related to the execution of the contract.
12 Configuration / Change Control
The external provider shall insure all products delivered under contract are to the correct agreed configuration. All inspection and verification activities shall be performed to the latest and or the agreed configuration.
13 Export Controls
The external provider shall abide by all applicable export license controls for technical data and take appropriate care to protect proprietary information as provided for in any specific licenses, contract documents or non-disclosure agreements. This includes compliance for flow down of any export controlled data to your service providers.
14 Identification & Traceability
External providers and their service providers shall ensure Identification & Traceability is maintained to the extent necessary for the re-call of the product. Unique requirements if any will be specified in our PO.
Where external providers buy material to be included in the product, the external provider shall provide full traceability of the material. A certificate of Conformance obtained from the Raw Material supplier is to be supplied with the first delivery.
When Metallic raw material has been ordered to a specification by AFT, the external provider shall furnish a copy of the material manufacture’s certification and certified test report to accompany each delivery (or each production batch where a delivery comprises more than one production batch).
15 Certificate of Conformance Required
A certificate of Conformance bearing the external providers company letterhead must accompany each delivery of goods. Certificates are to reference our Purchase Order, Number, Item Drawing Number & Issue Status, AFT written approvals for Deviations, Specifications and other contractual requirements. Certificates must be signed by an authorised representative of the external provider.
16 Retention of Records
Quality Records shall be maintained on file by the external provider and be available to Aviation Regulatory Authority and AFT’s authorized representatives.
The external provider shall retain such records for a period of not less than seven (7) years from the date of final payment under the applicable Purchase Order for all products unless otherwise specified on the AFT Purchase Order.
Note; It is the responsibility of the external provider to maintain qualification/competence of personnel and ensuring that they are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity; safety and the importance of ethical behavior.
17: DPAS Priority Rating
Should the Purchase Order contain a DPAS Rating (DO, DX), the item is classified as a “rated order”, certified for United States national defense, emergency preparedness, and energy program use. Rated orders require external providers to comply with the provisions outlined in the Defense Priorities and Allocation System Regulation (15 CFR Part 700).

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