Duocel® Foam

Duocel® foam is an open celled structure made up of interconnected ligaments that form cells with open pores.

Duocel® foam is an open celled structure made up of interconnected ligaments that form cells with open pores. Duocel® can be made from different metals, carbon, and ceramics; each designed to deliver a unique set of chemical and physical properties. The Duocel® foam structure is tailored to offer customized performance for a broad range of applications.
Duocel® foams are highly repeatable and have been proven in a variety of applications over the last 55 years.

Duocel Metal Foam
Metal foam can be made from a variety of metal alloys and is great for applications requiring a high structural integrity. The characteristics of each metal foam can be tailored to deliver custom strength, surface area, flow, and heat transfer properties, making them ideal solutions for energy absorption, multifunctional structures, separators, and heat exchanger applications.

Duocel® metal foams are unique among most metal foams due to their solid ligaments, open cells, and tightly controlled density. The solid ligaments result in a high structural integrity not typical of sintered or hollow ligament foams. The open cell structure allows for fluid flow that can not be done with closed cell foam. Duocel’s tightly controlled density, coupled with its solid ligaments, allows the strength of the structure to customized for a variety of design requirements.

Duocel® metal foam can be made from various alloys including aluminum, copper, steel, Inconel, tin, gold, silver, and many others. The most common type of metal foam is 6000 series aluminum because it offers an ideal mix of strength, ductility, and compatibility with many systems.

Duocel Carbon (RVC) Foam
Carbon foam, also known as Reticulated Vitreous Carbon (RVC), is an almost pure carbon structure offering high surface area and high electrical conductivity.

Carbon is inert, making it compatible with a wide range of chemicals. This combination of properties makes RVC great for electrode applications.

Duocel Ceramic Foam
Ceramic foam offers a rigid, permeable structure that can withstand extremely high temperatures. Duocel® ceramic foam can be made from silicon carbide (SiC), Silicon Nitride (SiN4), Boron Nitride, and many more ceramic materials.

The most common ceramic foam is SiC and used high temperature flow applications.

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Duocel® Ceramic Foam

At Applied Fasteners and Tooling, we deliver cutting-edge technology, solutions and state-of-the-art products including Duocel metal ceramic foam. Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam from ERG Aerospace is part of the impressive range for aerospace engineering applications in Australia. Based in Melbourne, our Duocel® products support the aerospace industry in terms of structural integrity and strength outside the atmosphere.

Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam is an innovative and superior quality material specifically designed for aerospace use. This cutting-edge product combines the properties of metal and ceramic to create a lightweight, high-performance material that can withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, and forces. It has been rigorously tested in many real-world space missions and has proven itself as reliable, durable, and efficient.

Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam – Purpose and Function

Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam is a multi-functional foam primarily used in aerospace applications for its exceptional insulative, conductive, and mechanical properties. Duocel® foam consists of a complex network of interconnected strands that create open-celled, pore-like spaces. These strands hollow tubes delved from ceramic or metal materials, yet offer superior structural strength, high surface area, and excellent conductivity.

This unique structure makes Duocel® foam the choice for applications requiring lightweight characteristics, good flow control, filtration, energy absorption, and effective heat transfer during outerspace conditions. Its properties also make it suitable for use in energy dampening devices, filters, heat exchangers, and even electromagnetic absorbers.

The versatility of Duocel® foam makes it adaptable to a wide variety of technical requirements, opening up new possibilities in aerospace engineering in Melbourne and across Australia.

Applications of Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam

Applications of Duocel® foam extend not only in the aerospace industry but also in other sectors due to its multipurpose properties. These applications can be classified into two categories: aerospace applications and industrial applications.

In aerospace, Duocel® foam is used for thermal protection and insulation in spacecraft re-entry vehicles and as a radiator and heat sink in electronic cooling systems. In industrial applications, Duocel® foam is used to manufacture lightweight and durable automobile components, for its heat conductive properties in battery cooling systems, and for its sound absorption characteristics in high-performance silencers.

Duocel® Foam – Superior Aerospace Solutions

At AFT Systems in Melbourne, we specialise in the distribution of high-quality Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam. We are committed to delivering products that combine high performance with industry safety for all involved in the process. Our Duocel® foam products have been thoroughly tested, sticking to our strict quality controls and standards.

Customised Solutions for Duocel® Foam Applications

From its initial concept to its final composition, we maintain a comprehensive view of our Duocel® foam products to offer a solution to meet unique designs and specifications.

Our team of dedicated product engineers and specialists work to innovate and improve, always striving to exceed customer expectations. We deliver solutions quickly and efficiently, helping clients meet their project timeline, no matter the industry.

Duocel® Foam – How To Optimise For Aerospace Engineering?

Maximising the benefits of Duocel® Foam requires sound knowledge and expertise in aerospace engineering. Given its diverse applications and properties, it is critical to understand the context of its usage thoroughly.

In this respect, our engineers at AFT Systems play an instrumental role. With their technical know-how and understanding of Duocel® Foam, they assist clients in optimising its application for maximum benefits.

Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam – Why Choose AFT?

At AFT Systems, where we strive to provide holistic solutions, here are a few reasons why you should choose us:

  • Expertise: With years of experience in the aerospace industry, our technical team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, providing high-quality solutions.
  • Customised Solutions: We understand that each application is unique, requiring custom solutions for you. We have what you need for all critical applications.
  • Quality Assurance: Our adherence to AS9120 certification for all our products ensures that they meet the necessary quality standards for aerospace applications.
  • Network: As a member of the Victorian Defence Alliance (VDA) and the Australian Defence Industry Network (AIDN), our reach extends across Australia, providing a broad market presence.
  • Service: Beyond distribution, we offer comprehensive services across all stages of your product’s lifecycle, from design and engineering to maintenance, repair, and training.

Get in touch with us today at 03 9939 8979 to find out more about Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam and how they can enhance your engineering processes.

Frequently Asked Questions for Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam in Melbourne

What is Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam?

Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam is a versatile, multi-functional foam used primarily in aerospace applications. It possesses exceptional insulative, conductive, and mechanical properties and is known for its lightweight characteristics, good flow control, filtration, energy absorption, and heat transfer abilities.

What industries utilise Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam?

Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam is used across a diverse array of industries, not limited to aerospace. For instance, in transportation, it is used for manufacturing lightweight and durable automobile components, given its heat conductive properties.

How does AFT Systems ensure the quality of their Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam?

At AFT Systems, we place the importance on quality assurance. All our Duocel® foam products are tested and meet strict quality controls and standards. We maintain AS9120 certification for all our products.

Does AFT Systems provide customised solutions for Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam applications?

Yes, we do. At AFT Systems, we understand that each application is unique and provide solutions to meet individual designs. Our team of dedicated product engineers and specialists work tirelessly to innovate and improve our Duocel® foam products.

How can I get in touch with AFT Systems for Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam inquiries?

You can contact us through our phone number 03 9939 8979 to find out more about our Duocel® Metal Ceramic Foam offerings. We’re based in Melbourne, Australia.

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