Swift Textile Metalizing (STM)

STM has provided standard and customer conductive Fabrics for Aerospace, Defense and Commercial applications since 1955.
Offering the industry’s widest selection of Metalized Cloth Solutions, STM has extensive experience in engineering the right combination of Fabric and Metal Alloy. The brand’s EnCap process allows for a wide array of customized Fabric options including custom Metal Alloys, an extensive range of standard Fabrics and the ability to develop fully custom Fabric construction and coatings. The right Alloy can be combined with a range of woven, non-woven and knits in sizes from 1/2-inch to 100-inch widths.
Fabrics may support reflective applications where rigid materials do not work.

For a comprehensive range of IPS products with full technical support, contact our technical team on +61 3 9939 8979 or support@aft.systems
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EMI RFI Shielding

Based in Melbourne, Applied Fasteners and Tooling provides comprehensive solutions for Electro-Magnetic Interference Shielding (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Shielding, utilising the innovative technology of Swift Textile Metalising and Mast USA.

Our company offers more than just supply services; we’re a dedicated partner in delivering quality products and durable technical support essential for Aerospace, Space, Defence Platforms, and Industrial Programs in Australia.

Whether you require EMI or RFI shielding for military programs or commercial aviation applications, our team is equipped with exclusive supplies and technical expertise so you are always safe on the job.

How Does EMI RFI Shielding Work?

EMI RFI shielding is a technique used to prevent electro-magnetic and radio frequency interference from affecting sensitive electronics, essential in industries like aviation and energy. It involves the use of materials that can reflect or absorb electromagnetic radiation, limiting its disruptive impact on devices.

Swift Textile Metalising, being a prominent player in materials engineering, enhances this shielding process by using silver, copper, aluminium, and nickel for superior protection. This technology always provides high performing electronic devices, even in the most demanding of environments. Whether you are working in an aircraft cockpit or a military vehicle in the field, our shielding can help you stay focused.

The Swift Textile Metalising process is recognised worldwide for its exceptional EMI RFI shielding efficiency. Given the increasing reliance on electronic systems in diverse industries, having effective interference shielding is critical for smooth and secure operations.

EMI RFI Shielding Needs – Superior and Safe

To be a reliable partner for all our customers, AFT prioritises delivering exceptional services to support the product’s life cycle, covering the design, procurement, production, quality, maintenance, and repair of all technical products.

We also extend our support to product testing, program management, VMI, and application engineering support of EMI/RFI shielding. Our experienced team offers solutions for complex engineering requirements often associated with EMI RFI shielding.

EMI RFI Shielding in Various Industries

The application of EMI RFI shielding isn’t restricted to aerospace and defence sectors. Various industries such as marine, electrical and energy, communications, industrial, mining, oil and gas, transport, motorsport sectors in Australia can benefit from our services.

Regardless of the industry, our competent team is committed to delivering premium quality products at highly competitive prices across various markets.

How to Choose the Right EMI RFI Shielding?

Choosing appropriate EMI RFI shielding depends on the device’s environment and the types of interference it might face. For example, factors like the intensity and frequency of potential interference, device size, and operating temperature could influence your decision.

AFT has the technical expertise and industry knowledge to assist you with technical support and solutions regarding product range and how that complies with industry standards. If you need a straightward solution on the right EMI RFI shielding, our team can help.

Why Choose AFT Systems for EMI RFI Shielding?

  • AFT are partners to support your engineering team throughout the product life cycle, offering design, procurement, production, maintenance, repair, and training assistance.
  • We provide a unique personalised customer service tailored to your industry needs, whether you’re building a naval ship or aircraft.
  • Our team of industry specialists can assist with the development of new projects within your market and train you on new technologies and products.
  • We facilitate quality assurance procurement requirements so all services and products available to you meet industry standards.
  • We are AS9120 certified for all Australian military programs.
  • AFT Systems is a committed committee member of the Victorian Defence Alliance (VDA) and a proud member of the Australian Defence Industry Network (AIDN).

In need of expert solutions for your EMI RFI shielding and other aerospace and defence needs? No matter the size or scope of your project, give us a call today at 03 9939 8979 to have your needs met with precision and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions for EMI RFI Shielding in Australia

What is the role of Applied Fasteners and Tooling (AFT) in EMI RFI Shielding in Melbourne, Australia?

Based in Melbourne, AFT provides comprehensive solutions for EMI RFI Shielding. The company uses advanced technology from Swift Textile Metalising and MAST to provide optimal protection from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

How does EMI RFI Shielding work in the aerospace and defence industry?

EMI RFI shielding is used to prevent electro-magnetic and radio frequency interference from impacting sensitive electronics, critical to industries such as aerospace and defence. This process involves the use of materials like silver, copper, aluminium, and nickel that can reflect or absorb electromagnetic radiation.

What other services does Applied Fasteners and Tooling (AFT) offer in relation to EMI RFI Shielding in Melbourne?

Besides EMI RFI Shielding, AFT provides RAM products or Radar absorbing materials The AFT team also extend their services to product design, procurement, production, quality, maintenance, repair, and application engineering support to meet industry demands.

In what industries are AFT's EMI RFI Shielding services applicable?

AFT’s EMI RFI shielding services are applicable not only in aerospace and defence sectors but also in marine, electrical and energy, industrial, mining, oil and gas, transport, and motorsport sectors in Australia.

Why should I choose AFT Systems for my EMI RFI Shielding needs in Melbourne?

AFT Systems offers comprehensive EMI RFI Shielding solutions with a personalised service. The company provides technical expertise and product lifecycle support, including training on new technologies. They are also AS9120 certified for all Australian military programs and are members of the Victorian Defence Alliance and Australian Defence Industry Network.

Custom Product / Custom Solutions

Our customers depend on us as a reliable partner known for exceptional quality and delivery for all of their fastener and tooling needs.