A90230 Clou Move Set of 3

Clou Move: The accessories for quick changes of location.

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Clou Move: The accessories for quick changes of location.
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Roll Profi Clou system The Roll Profi Clou folding design shrinks to a very small size when not in use by disappearing into the Profi carrying bag (included with the product). It needs minimum storage space and is always ready for use. The CLOU is particularly useful for handling unwieldy tubes and heavy cable coils. The proven unwinding technique of the VARIO (which for many years has provided Its unwinding from the centre of a coil without twisting has led to the CLOU becoming master of its kind in working with big and heavy units. Even cable giants like 5 x 25 sqmm or coil diameters of 750 mm are no problem for the CLOU. Unwinding professionally – whether out of a foil or carton or without any packaging – is what the CLOU provides, making it possible to de-reel even the most critical materials without problem. Additional accessories such as castors for easy moving between jobs, the cloufix system can be attached to support unwrapped cables and finally the Clou Up legs are perfect for use over construction work such as frames or re enforcement wires. View PDF



Dimensions (H x W) 191 x 77 mm
Weight per piece 0.5 Kg



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