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PT-4500H Cordless Blind Rivet and LockBolt Tool

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  • The PT-4500H provides unparalleled speed, performance, and ergonomic features that leads the industry. Available both as a blind riveter and/or lockbolt installation tool for most all industrial and aerospace applications thru 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) diameter, it quickly adapts to Huck, FSI, Cherry and Olympic nose assemblies, including special right angle, offset, close edge distance (CED) and extended straight versions.
  • Powered by a slide on 18 VDC Li-Ion battery pack with fuel gage, the PT-4500H’s brushless motor drives a mechanical ball screw gear system that provides capability for the most demanding applications. With its rapid extended stroke capability the tool is comparable to most all air operated riveters, thereby optimizing cycle time between any blind rivet or lockbolt installation.
  • Weighing less than 2.5 KG (5 Lbs) with the standard rivet nose assembly in place, sheet metal artisans will immediately find this riveter to offer the ultimate in overall performance and reliability.
  • The PT-4500H also provides built in led lighting if needed in darkened areas.
  • Comes with F-4500A  Lithium Battery and F3500A/220 Volt Charger and a F4307-06CED -6 Blind bold nose assembly (other nose assemblies available)





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